AHHH the innocence.. to live in the now and enjoy time. A childhood filled with wonder  -truly a magical time. Do you recall being filled with”what if” fear, ? Heck no! I bet you were extremely inquisitive. You probably drove your parent(s) nuts with, WHY questions.  So, how do we tap into, even a tiny slice of that, as an adult?

Is it possible that part of the key,to overcome some of our most recent anxious moments,  is to grasp just a tiny bit of our inner inquisitive child?

There is something for you to ponder. What do you think?

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TIME  Click to hear: Hazy Shade of Winter– Sung by The Bangles

Never enough time, too much time, running out of time, no time like the present, there’s lots of time. Time plays so many roles. When I am working, there are a million things I have to get done, therefore, there is no extra time. When I have too much time off, I procrastinate, my mind leans towards-I’ll get there. OH heck, I have plenty of time.

Plenty of time, I am terrible at giving myself deadlines and structure, (Talk about being my own worst enemy). Leave me on my own for too long and dang it can play havoc with my anxiety. My mind will wander all over. It speeds up, frenzied thoughts; the past, the possible future, what was, what if, what could be, what could have been,  what should have been, what should I be doing, what do I do, what can’t I do, what can I do?

AHA! That’s it!!!


Per Mahatma Gandi: “A man is but the product of his thought, what he thinks, he becomes.”

If that’s the case I’m screwed.  Well, I could be. But, I am not a very good loser. Don’t get me wrong, I cheer/advocate for everyone! But, when it comes to my own mental well being, get the heck out of my way! I like me best when I am on a bulldozer,(Maybe just a little one, more like a riding lawn mower?), moving slowly ahead to break free. Lately, I have laid dormant. It is okay to back up, regroup and recharge the batteries. Now, I am due and it is definitely, “time”for a change. HA!

Negative, worrisome thoughts and a whole lot of immobilizing fear can come out of the could be’s and the what ifs and take away the precious moments of each day…  So, the word for the day/week/month is CAN!!

Yesterday, I decided was a GOOD day to do a “CAN”.  There was something I have been avoiding for about two weeks. Every time, I thought about doing this one particular thing, going to this one place- I had heart palpitations, felt nervous, shaky etc… I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I hopped in my car and drove to “the place” and faced my fear! What happened? I did it!  “POOF”  The fear was gone. I slayed the dragon.

As the QUEEN song plays… “Another One Bites the Dust!”  

click to hear: QUEEN

Remember, if there is something you need to face, take a deep breath, envision the positive and JUST GO FOR IT!

You will find:

#1) It wasn’t even close to the negative experience your “what if” thoughts lead you to believe it would be!

#2) You, really are in control!

#3) I think Zen to Zany says it so well in her creation below:


Thank you Zen to Zany –

Many of you are familiar with this piece…it was actually the first painting I ever did for Zen to Zany. It has been one of the most popular items in my Etsy shop, both as a Print and a Magnet.
For all of the newcomers to Zen to Zany…there are well over 14.000 previous posts (all under the Photo Section) and from time to time I bring many back up from the archives to share again..for a lot of people they are new…for others, repeats. To View or Purchase PRINTS OR MAGNETS please CLICK HERE   Zen to zany on Etsy

Please, tell her K@the blackwallblog sent you… 🙂




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