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https://theblackwallblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/9172_928817707230977_2130675595232821069_n.jpgAHHH the innocence.. to live in the now and enjoy time. A childhood filled with wonder  -truly a magical time. Do you recall being filled with”what if” fear, ? Heck no! I bet you were extremely inquisitive. You probably drove your parent(s) nuts with, WHY questions.  So, how do we tap into, even a tiny slice of that, as an adult?

Is it possible that part of the key,to overcome some of our most recent anxious moments,  is to grasp just a tiny bit of our inner inquisitive child?

There is something for you to ponder. What do you think?

(Email me at theblackwallblog@gmail.com). Please, put TIME in the subject line.

TIME  Click to hear: Hazy Shade of Winter– Sung by The Bangles

Never enough time, too much time, running out of time, no time like the present, there’s lots of time. Time plays so many roles. When I am working, there…

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