Why not you?


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When a friend is going through a rough time you can inspire them, fight for them, talk them into feeling better, make them laugh, insist they shrug it off, move on… No friend of yours is going to feel that way!! They don’t deserve it.

Why is it that you can’t do the same for yourself? Why  is it so hard to be your own buddy?

YOU don’t deserve to be going through a rough time either! It is time you started to advocate for yourself!
Why not start today! YES!! TODAY! Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself some of the same awesome advice. It’s time to inspire YOU, make yourself feel better, talk yourself into shrugging it off , think of something positive, and more importantly – TO BELIEVE IN YOU!

Here are a few things I practice:

  1. Make a list of your wonderful qualities! (YES, you have at least one!)
  2. Write down a list of I cans.
  3. Focus on right now. (Not tomorrow, not yesterday, but NOW!)
  4. Close your eyes and see yourself smiling.
  5. Take some cleansing breaths, relax your shoulders.
  6. Repeat these words- “I deserve the best” a couple of times and then a few more.
  7. Turn on some music… dance a little jig in celebration of you.
  8. Go outside, take a walk through the woods and listen to the sounds. Appreciate this moment in time. Nature’s symphony playing a concert for one. YOU!
  9.  Envision yourself succeeding.
  10. Think about how lucky you are for the people that have touched your life.
  11. What are you grateful for? Write a list.

So here is the cold hard truth.

There are literally thousands of blogs, books and websites overflowing with ideas of  what you can do to feel better. Above, I listed a few of the things I have tried repeatedly and they work for me. Sure, I have read some things and thought, oh no! sooo not for me. (literally, shaking my head as I mentally back away). Others, I was more willing to give a chance.  It’s a matter of personal preference. Often, a friend might suggest something. When some have been mentioned, I smiled, sweetly, (of course) and said “Why thank you” as I secretly thought. (“Not in this lifetime, eek!).  My daughter did suggest a truly awesome hands on website. Happify.com. It comes in real handy for a variety of reasons. If you have a chance, check it out.

The  bottom line: If you want to be a grumpy ol’ poop, then you will be. If you want to be happier, then you will find a way.


Kind Regards and not a grumpy ol’ poop – K   😉


Noteworthy: Depression is a terrible illness. There truly are a lot of inspiring websites and helpful tools available. Never be afraid to try something new.  🙂













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