Single Parent

I walk into the dark room and sit at the edge of the bed. The steady rhythm of  his breathing, tells me, he is asleep. Leaning forward I reach out and stroke his soft cheek and place a gentle kiss on his forehead. I stare at the sleeping form and wonder – Did I remember to tell him how much I love him?  Or did I spend the short time we had together today scolding him for trivial things?

Silently, I promise myself that tomorrow evening I will set aside some special time – to read to him or help him with his favorite puzzle. Tucking the blankets more tightly around him, I rise and tip toe from the room. Walking down the hall, I brush away a tear and pray. “Please God, let me have the time tomorrow.”




Dedicated to my children in 1992- I was a full time working mom during the day and attended college in the evenings .


5 thoughts on “Single Parent

  1. A very special place, a very special time in their lives, completed by a very special should be proud of what you have accomplished. You have done it all and all alone..

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  2. Thank you all. I think sometimes we just do it, because it needs to be done. Our children are so important and deserve the best. Mine are grown now and I am so proud. and I am not sure there is much i would change if i was to do it over again….


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