The Unwanted Visitor

Picture compliments of Zen to Zany


Recently, after months of feeling like crap.  I was diagnosed with daily chronic migraines with an unwanted side of C-diff. (Clostridium difficile coalitis). Nothing like pooping your pants a few times to make you humble. (blush)-  Unfortunately, doctors are seeing more and more of this new “Super bug”. Once, known for being caught  while staying in nursing homes and hospitals, it now has become very common to the rest of us.  The cause, appears to be years of antibiotics and OH what a strain it is!  They don’t call it SUPER for nothing. UGH!! Literally 20% of the people that take the recommended drug the doctors prescribe, do NOT get well. I have tried it twice to no avail.

The exasperating part, is the medical world’s recommendation is not to do testing for it’s presence when you are feeling well. You need to be ill. OH! what fun… And if you want to research some of the possible cures they are trying, be my guest. I shudder when I read them. Peaked your curiosity, haven’t I. You have been warned!

On to the homeopathic route I go…. Iodine, turmeric, ginger, daily avocados along with veggies and fruits that ferment naturally. Keeping my immune system up via seeping  herbs such as; Echinacea, Green tea, Marshmallow root and Stevia.  Just 3 days ago I started adding Kevita, a wonderful drink that contains 4 strains of live probiotics.

So let’s keep our positive chin up and create attainable goals doing our RTS.  (For those who have just arrived that is reasonable tiny steps).  Makes me think of Tiny Tim just a “tip toeing through the tulips”, only better! (sorry, Tim!)

After 5 weeks off from work and the threat of losing my regular income. (So sweet having that looming over one’s head.) Today, is Saturday and I have just completed my first challenge! I worked 6 days at regular work and  my part time job last Sunday morning. GO ME!

Often life throws you a fast curve ball and ya gotta adjust your position and snag it. I have my  baseball hat tipped back and my glove ready!

Yes, the fight can wear you down, make you sad and lonely and often make you angry and that is okay. Take some time to go through your grieving, you are allowed.  What’s important is that you don’t get stuck in that stage. Keep moving forward, channel your energy  and play the game.



I have found numerous blogs covering C-Dif. If you have any helpful input please comment  or drop me a note via my email at I know there are many people that can be helped with your insight. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Until next time… K@countingpenniesandsheep











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