Thesaurus and me


Compliments of Zen to Zany. I sure couldn’t do it without her!



Whether it’s insults I whip

       A bit of sarcasm I  quip

             Some insight I might tip

                    Or goofy silliness I lip

         GOD! How I LOVE  my thesaurus!



No matter what our challenge in life. It’s important for survival and true living to tap into our passions. Having an outlet, something that makes us smile is a must must. Even if we think we suck at it.

Whether you have a love for reading, writing, playing your guitar, hiking, riding a 4-wheeler, or feeling the wind in you hair as you zoom off on your motorcycle. It is imperative to make time to feel beyond “just good”.   Find out what it is that makes you, the wonderful unique person that you are.  Take the time to reach inside and make your soul yodel with a zing for life.

Once you have found that colorful side of yourself, lose yourself in it. Schedule the time just for you and do it! You might just be amazed at the results.

I am working on ways to do the just for me time.


Please email me or comment if you choose and let me know what you have been doing to find your you? I would love to know how you are doing it and what  your “special” something is. My email: I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future!

Kind Regards and always adding a bit of Sunshine – K



12 thoughts on “Thesaurus and me

  1. An interesting read!! Well i am still finding about “me”. But right now i enjoy blogging, writing about ideas that pop into my mind; stories that strike a cord in my heart. Nice meeting you. I got here through your link on Dream Big.


    1. Thank you for the comment and the compliment.

      Isn’t that a ongoing life venture… the finding out about me… I am so glad I am not the only one.

      yes I love “Dream Big’s” links! Such a wonderful way to connect with people… I am now on my way to check out your site!! It works! It works!! 🙂

      Kind Regards and very nice to meet you – K


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