too hard on yourself zen to zany

Thank you Zen to Zany!


Why am I feeling lost today?
Where do I truly belong?
Why can't I find my place, today?
Why can't I sing my song?

I feel I'm just shuffling along, today
It seems I've missed a beat.
Feeling so out of step, today
I can't find my dancing feet.

It's morning after a sleepless night
Of tossing, turning and such.
But what did I truly accomplish
By fretting all that much?

Dread and worry accompany me,
As I sit and sip my pre-dawn brew.
Am I the only one,
Or perhaps you're feeling it too?

So where do we go from here?
What are we going to do?
Obviously, we can't live a life
Of feeling, Oh so blue.

I'll pour another cup of Joe
and give it a bit more ponder
because in my heart I do believe
There's a better life out yonder.

My worrying mind takes me places
That I really shouldn't go.
Because my usual jovial self
Isn't only just for show.

Possibilities and obstacles overcome
Is what makes life  worthwhile,
along with a quest for inner peace
And a passion for that moment,
I get to share your smile.





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