Simple isn’t so simple

As ever it truly was….


Just the other morning, 
Sipping from my favorite coffee cup,
I used a term from the old days,
My daughter giggled and told me,
she thought, I'd simply made it up.
But I remember things like bunny ears,
All wrapped in aluminum foil,
And G'ma's tale if you stood and watched a pot,
It simply never would come to a boil.

The original Star Trek and Lassie too,
We watched them in the early eve.
Just shows so perfectly written, 
So that we simply would believe.

A Simply spoken -  Simpleton,
Was what we innocently called a Ninny.
And when one rode a rocking horse,
You could almost hear him whinny.

Summer days of Riding with no hands
and clothes-pinned cards upon our tires.
We knew we road as fast as the wind and
Like the red trucks heading for big fires.

Down to the crick in line we'd march,
With fishing rods in hand.
While telling lots of giant tales
Of the past fishies we had land.

The smell that came out of the oven
Of freshly baked cookies, OH so yummy,
So antsy, we could hardly wait,
Just to get one in our tummy.

Counting stars and big dipper searching
We spent quiet times in a backyard laying.
Our biggest worry for the next day,
Was of who's house we spend simply playing.

The clock time for leaving friends,
was told when street lamps lit up bright
And then we'd start running for home,
Loudly yelling out "Good night".

Days so simply simple,
Times when fun was simply fun.
From morning when we woke up,
Until jammies time arrived,
And we knew our day was done.

The day will come when this is read
and they'll wonder about what I was yackin'?
They'll probably call me a foolish name.
And question what brains I was lacking!

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