26 Letters of Opportunity




A friend of mine said to me the other day that, sometimes, my positive attitude drove him nuts. It was just too much to handle. It literally made me think…. WHAT?? I thought about it. I mean really and truly thought about it day and night for weeks. Yes, it bothered me. My conclusion? I would much rather find a positive way to look at things then to dwell on the negative. Of course, I don’t need to verbalize it all the time. I think that is a good compromise, don’t you?

Here is another thought:

“The alphabet has twenty-six letters. Those twenty-six letters can create an infinite amount of combinations, those combinations are words. Whether we speak or write, how we utilize those words affect others. Each word is actually an opportunity and gives us the power to touch someone’s life in any way we choose.”  ~K of The Black Wall Blog

When we express ourselves, we can make someone’s day better by telling a joke to make them laugh (or groan lightheartedly), give praise, teach, inspire, console or to give a heartfelt compliment. So, why is it that so often the words that people choose, are meant to create a negative feeling ?   People use them to blame, criticize, degrade and belittle, all which are such hurtful uses for the twenty-six based infinite combinations.


So I would  like to suggest that just for today, lets make a pact. A pact, to use those infinite combinations to not only express ourselves for the sake of writing and blogging, but for a feel good act. Let’s pull together and share our thoughts and feelings to pay them forward in a positive way. Today, let’s take the time to help someone feel good about themselves and inspire them to have an overwhelmingly magnificent day!!

Who’s in?


Kind Regards and kindness abounds – K




23 thoughts on “26 Letters of Opportunity

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  2. Great post. I like the positivism and message. I would like to draw your attention to those commenters up there. You’ve got to be careful, they are spammers and not real commenters. They are simply trying to break into your line and create backlinks. I’m sure that if you click on their links you’ll find that they are simply dummy selling sites and their comments most times don’t really relate.

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    1. I understand. Thank you for your wonderful comment. As I read your words I definitely agree. As I ponder over my morning coffee, I’m thinking sometimes I may not intentionally want to hurt someone with what I say, but I recall times I have. And then I feel your comment reminds me of how how inspirational you are and that not everyone is in tune with how they make others feel. That dang defense mechanism and some people are bullies. But I think there is a hurt going on inside them, that causes them to lash out because they have yet to find the path we are on. You and I are lucky to have become so self aware. I smile as I realize I think I just wrote a novel length comment. I wish we could sit on a front porch somewhere and have a chat over tea. Oh the things we would find to talk about are probably infinite. What do you think? Gosh I hope I am not sounding defensive! Big hugs! Kind Regards and feeling grateful-K

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