A Place I used to know….


Picture taken in 2015 by K

Early morning in a part of the country woods I used to know….

I see, feather like rippled clouds upon a backdrop of  peach pink colored sky underscored by the curve of the Ever green covered hillside. A dew covered field split by a curved dirt country road that leads to adventures I once embraced. The sky’s muted hues change to a line of bright pinks to white gray to a blue sky scattered with smoke gray wisps of clouds.  The day is making it’s entrance before my eyes. It is a gift all mine on this day in the latter part of the month of May 2016.  I am sitting on the front steps of a place that used to feel like my second home.

I hear a symphony of musical chirps and chatter of a variety of unseen birds. The rushing gurgling sound of water from the brook down below, it echos up to me like the muted sound of a train passing in the distance. There is the rat a tat tat of a woodpecker in the distance that is periodically interrupted by the “caw” “caw” of a scolding crow. They are all sounds I relish.

I smell the purest air, cleansed by the gentle evening rain of the night before. It is intertwined with the freshly brewed coffee aroma that swirls from my mug.

I feel peace and tranquility. Oh, how I have missed these moments surrounded by nature in it’s early morning virgin form, totally exposed. Only those who have taken the time to revel in this magical experience can truly understand the unique beauty.

I am surrounded by trees of Green in Hunter and Olive tones interrupted periodically by white birch and a small  maple tree that proudly displays its rusty red leaves.   And then the sun bursts over the rolling hills throwing out rays of light filled with the hope of another glorious day. The dew covered field literally twinkles.   My private concert slowly decrescendos as my orchestra of birds settle into what must be their daily routine. As the sun continues it’s ascent I can feel it’s warmth. It lets me know it is time for me to head home and face my day…



10 thoughts on “A Place I used to know….

    1. Good morning, I am just reading your comment. Thank you so much! You are so right- nature has such beauty!! I was just looking at the time stamp it shows you posted at 5/30/2016 5:19 am- which totally cracked me up because here it is 5/30/2016 3:15 am here!! Obviously, we are in different time zones but it made me chuckle and the imagination to have that fleeting moment of ha ha ha! I am reading the future! I hope you have a glorious day!! 🙂

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