Dear Insomnia

Thank you Zen to Zany
As Soon as I get some sleep
We are so going to break up.
My eyes are blood shot and my body so weak,
A good night's rest is all that I seek.
I've drank a whole pot of coffee, and 
Still not sure, I can get through the day,
Oh Lord, my shirts on backwards,
How the heck did I get this way?
Even though the dogs are tired,
They're still begging for their treat.
I just wanna snuggle with my pillow
Heck! The suns arriving and I'm already beat.
Today, I have a full schedule, many things to get done
I just found my missing glasses tucked in the freezer.
My eyes are seeing spots and just wont stay open
Should I take the day off? Perhaps, give myself a breather? 

Dear insomnia feel free to get out of my life
All night my mind wouldn't stop, it was doing a race. 
I just tripped over an imaginary bump in the floor
I feel like a klutz and dang! Even my sneakers won't lace.

Have you ever experienced this? 
Spent the night, Watched the clock, 
As you go nuts continuously tossing and turning?
When the buzz of the alarm tells you, it's time to get up,
You groan, 'cuz a few ZZZZs is all you're still yearning?

Sounds silly I know, for me to be whining  
And to think as a child I balked at a nap!
Now as an adult with the yawns, I would love one.
Hmmmm, I think I have an idea for Apples next app!

Okay, so I pushed the poetry dos and don'ts 
and even proper English envelope! But if I can't goof 
around with my words, what's the point, what's my purpose of being able to 
write and share your thoughts? One should never stop creating if that is
what they crave and  makes you happy! Make your own path...
Individuality is a large part of what life is all about.  
The irony is I have actually put my glasses in the freezer when I was over tired.
It still makes me chuckle. To this day, whenever I have misplaced something 
that is the first place I look!!  

Enjoy your day!!



Daily post- Purpose

8 thoughts on “Dear Insomnia

  1. Insomnia is so hard to handle! I have been having trouble sleeping because of nerve pain in my back when I lie down. The worst part though is to not be able to shut your brain off. Sometimes I wake up at 3am and just start thinking about all the issues I have to deal with at work. Sigh I know how you feel, one time I put my whole purse in the fridge when I got home. The only thing that helps me is listening to soothing music and using lavender aromatherapy. How do you deal?


    1. I am sorry that you also deal with dreaded insomnia. A long time ago, I read somewhere that it is best not to fight it. Instead when your mind starts to reel about work etc. Get up, journal about what is bothering you. Get it off your chest (out of your head) and onto paper. Do not go onto the computer because this will only make you feel more awake. If you can have, drink a glass of warm milk or water then after about 20 minutes go in and try to rest again. I hope you feel better soon!! Kind Regards- K


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