My Hairy Children

13346705_984110455035035_4472417594926069646_nUnconditional love! My dogs are so devoted, they watch from the picture window as I leave in the morning  Always happy to see me,  dependable greeters with their tails just a-waggin’ when I get home at night. They don’t ask for much in return, except maybe a playful scratch behind the ear, some dinner, a couple of treats and water. My snuggle partners while watching a good movie, always concerned when I watch a sad one as they feel a need to comfort  and when I laugh at a comedy, they are delighted and literally dance and share my joy. Incredible!


I have two beloved canines. One is a rescue, given to me by my son for my birthday. I had had to send two dogs to rainbow bridge within 3 weeks. I wasn’t looking forward to any type of birthday celebration. It was a sad time.

That all changed when my son brought “him” home. He resembled a little black bear cub. We named him Chief. aka: The Chiefster or Maximillion Chief. He is a husky, shepherd mix with a touch of wolf.  Jet black except for the white tips of his paws and a 5 pointed white star on his chest.  He is 89 lbs of “big clod, clumsy love.” He talks more than most humans. I have often thought of getting him his own cell phone, since he feels the need to be part of all personal AND professional conversations.  He literally howls at the moon off the back deck. After 3 glasses of wine one evening, I joined him. Have you ever let loose a howl? Definitely, a unique stress reliever. You so need to give it a try.  I have yet to read any studies on it, but seriously it should be included in any “how to live stress free” book!

My other companion, is the second dog I have owned that wasn’t a rescue. My Yorkie Poo, Miss Abby. I found her lovingly snuggled in a cage with her brothers and sisters at a breeders booth at a flea market while on vacation in Florida.

I was randomly  wandering around looking at various vendors wares. Flea markets are so much fun, you never know what treasures you might find. I came upon this group of little dogs and they peaked my curiosity, so tiny, darling and at the time different. I talked with the owner and she allowed me to hold one.  It was Miss Abby’s brother. I picked him up and he looked at me and didn’t seem the least bit interested.  The lady suggested a female, I gathered a tiny silky soft hair,smaller than pint size, bundle in my arms and she immediately snuggled into my neck. A perfect fit and meant to be. She weighed 1.6 lbs, barely the size of guinea pig.

When I called the airlines, to make arrangements for her, for the flight home they informed me she would need to be put in with the luggage. I was beyond distraught. Seriously? Put a 1.6 lb dog, that has a kennel that easily fit under the seat in front of me, in with the luggage? Arrrgghhh!! Grrrrrrrrr!!! When I arrived at the airport I was a bundle of nerves, a gentleman with an airline name tag on his red coat walked up and asked if I had a problem.  I attempted to hold back the tears as I explained the situation.  He glanced inside the tiny kennel and in less than 10 minutes, Miss Abby had her own boarding pass! Ahhhhhh…Success!

Thank heavens for that kind gentleman! Abby, being so small, was hypoglycemic and every few hours needed to be finger fed a nutrient gel.  The plane was delayed due to mechanical issues for  over 5 hours. There is no way she would have been okay. Barely 6 weeks old, when I went to the ladies room, she came with, I placed a couple of paper towels on the floor next to me so she could sit. She squatted and piddled. Potty trained from day one! I was blessed.

I often joke during the New England winter, on a cold sub zero night, when I elude to the fact it’s a “three dog night” and I am one dog short.  ha!

The two of them have been with me for over 8 years now. Age wise, they are literally 3 mos apart. Size wise there is approximately 70 lbs between the two and three guesses who the alpha dog is. It sure isn’t “The Chiefster”.  Best friends, playmates and sometimes they argue like the two siblings they are. Always under foot. I could not imagine  my life any other way.   Kind Regards and Sunshine- K


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13 thoughts on “My Hairy Children

    1. Hi! Yes they are! How neat that we share and understand the love of such loving animals. We are so lucky to witness and be a part of the “the big and the small” coming together as a family! Thank you for commenting. Have a wonderful day! Kind regards and sunshine- K


  1. AH THEY’RE ADORABLE. I’ve always wanted a dog, but since we live an apartment, my parents never let me have one. But I always make it a point to help and take care of the street puppies I see here and there!


    1. Excellent!! Give love whenever you can!! ❤ Growing up, even though we lived in the country I was only allowed gerbils or guinea pigs. I vowed when I had my own place that my children would grow up with dogs and cats… and they did.. Abby and Chief say thank you for the compliment!! 🙂 K

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  2. They are beautiful dogs… I had to let my Misty cross the bridge almost a year ago she was 15 and had bone cancer and was in pain and we had to let her go… we still don’t have another dog and I miss the unconditional love that they give


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is so difficult when we have to make the decision to let one of our beloved family members cross over to Rainbow bridge.. Oh but what a grand meeting it will be when we arrive!! 🙂 I am sorry for anyone that has to make that decision to let go. It is heartbreaking. Sending warm thoughts your way. Kind Regards- K


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