From the Oddest Places



Have you ever thought that  your day to day habits may give you a clue to who you are and what you need to maintain or get back to that person?  Obviously, I had too much time on my hands the other day. Actually, I was avoiding housework. I am not sure why after all this time I noticed the pattern, but I did.

Often, knowledge of self comes from the oddest places. I was perusing through Netflix and Hulu Plus looking for something to watch. It hit me! There, right before my eyes, in Netflix- Shows recently watched and then again in Hulu Plus under “suggestions because I had watched… such and such,”- there it was. A technologically tallied without prejudice insight to what type of person I am or at least what I habitually watch. (Try saying technologically tallied 3x’s fast! I can barely say it once!)

Are you catching on yet? What we gravitate toward, what we watch can tell a lot about who we are. This is my perspective, geared towards identifying me as a person based on what I learned from what I watch. What I learned about myself from where I aim my remote. Click, here goes:

I like happy endings. Key note: they make me feel good! The story line to get there doesn’t have to match The Waltons. Though I used to love that show. Oh! Stop! Keep reading, I may just surprise you. It can be from romance, love wins against the odds type shows/movies like, Pretty Woman, Top Gun,The Runaway Bride, Shall We Dance, Save the Last Dance, An Officer and a Gentleman, Chocolat and The Age of Adeline.

Then you have the Grumpy, standoffish, bitter older person versus the younger innocent who brings him around like An Unfinished life, Ashby, Goodwill Hunting and Gran Torino and let us not forget the popular Gibbs from NCIS. Abby always brings out the best in Gibbs! I would love to hear someone on the opposition side of that debate!

My list also includes good versus evil and I use the term evil loosely. Movies such as The Substitute, Love and Mercy, The General’s Daughter, Jack Ryan, The Hunger Games, The Expendables 3– YES! I have watched all 3 of them and maybe the characters aren’t angels, but I have to love them and they come with a “WHOLE LOTTA BOOM!”  

Now, you know there is that touch of comedy in any of the above, and the adrenaline rush of the plots consisting of what’s going to happen next? All of that is an equation which brings out emotion. Which stimulates my noodle. States Dolly Pardon’s line in Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” Which I would add –  tears AND fears is my favorite emotion.

This all ties in with endorphins. Funny little buggers that they are. It has been proven that my releasing endorphins actually makes me a happier person. Literally, helps fight depression and without any kind of drugs. How cool is that?

I quote “Endorphins block pain, but they’re also responsible for our feelings of pleasure. It’s widely believed that these feelings of pleasure exist to let us know when we’ve had enough of a good thing — like food, sex or even companionship — and also to encourage us to go after that good thing in order to feel the associated pleasure.” – Quoted from Tom Scheve Science/How stuff works <— click on this link for more.

There are a staggering number of studies being done on the brain and various transmitters, chemical releases from video, audio, exercise and other stimulants. Thank heavens! It is literally mind blowing how far researchers, scientists, psychiatrists and neurologists have come, are willing to go and what they are attempting.  I don’t know about you, but I see a whole lot of hope in my future!

Remember, the next time you have the need for a jammy day and spend the afternoon watching movies. Forget the guilt! You may just be working on making yourself a happier person!

Kind Regards and Sunshine with remote in hand – K




15 thoughts on “From the Oddest Places

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. The news definitely does not come with glad tidings. I had to give up watching it on a regular basis many years ago. I have a friend who is an avid nightly news hound so I get the “Reader’s Digest” version from him. This keeps me in the know of current events without the full blown negativity. It is a win win for both of us. Have a wonderful Hump day! Kind Regards and Happy thoughts – K

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    1. Thank you so much. I apologize for the delay, you comment got sucked into the spam file. I feel terrible about it! I posted my answers to your questions on my blog. Please check them out!. You made my day extra special! 😁. Kind regards K

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