My 2nd and 3rd LIEBSTER AWARD!!


Wow! My 2nd and 3rd nomination!!


Wowser!! This IS an honor! My 2nd and 3rd nomination on the same day!! I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to The Quiet Girl Blogger  and Sight of Life for nominating me!

1506678_10206380305013976_8294478286747584015_nI am Happy Dancing!


I would like to nominate , May K. Hella everything i love ♡ (and everything in between)! , Miracle Girl Blog and Flying Colours 603 Blog for this award. The rules are quite simple and stated below. I am not sure how others do it but the first time i was nominated I didn’t have a clue what to do so I started by downloading the top pic of Liebster award and then the Rules see below- added them to a new post. Then answered the questions from the blogger nominated me. Then followed THE RULES. Don’t forget to Link to the people you are nominating and back to the person who nominated you…  psssst- I found the fastest way to discover new bloggers is to read some of the Meet and Greets and check out some “new” blogs. Your nominees really should have under 200 followers. Good luck. 


unnamed (1)

Name one thing you cannot go a day without? 


Nicknames are always funny. What’s yours?

Many years ago, much to the embarrassment of my mom, My basketball coach and the local newspapers called me Killer! I am still chuckling. 

Describe your life with a movie title/ a song.

Life’s Been Good to Me so Far


What was you first rejection or proposal like?

My first proposal,  I said no to him and then as I attempted to gracefully walk off I believe I tripped and caught myself right before I fell down a small flight of stairs… Not my most glamorous or graceful moment. haha!!


Were you a shy kid in school or someone who makes the whole class laugh?

Extremely shy when I was young. Later on I turned it around and owned the world and loved to make people laugh.


An inspirational movie you would suggest someone to watch?

Remember the Titans

Do you believe in drinking to flaunt or just be okay with admitting to not drink while your group does, at a club?

I am totally comfortable with both. With age comes wisdom. 🙂

Are you a gym freak? How do you feel about being one?

I used to be! Now I am an avid  walker and I love to swim and prefer nature and being outside.

Wedding near a beach or at a plaza? 

Both my wedding were fabulous backyard bar- b q’s  I think i would have to say. If and that is a BIG if.. I ever decide to get married again I would go for THE BEACH! Barefoot in the sand!


Cats or dogs?  

In my world there has to be both!! meow!! ruff!! ruff!!


You are/aim to be a/an……?

Old enough to know better and still too young to care. ha! I wish.

Each day I still discover new things about myself. Since the children are grown and off on their own I have had to rediscover who I am as a person not just a mom. It is definitely an interesting transition!!

2nd set of 11 Questions

  1. What’s most Important,Money or Respect?- Always respect!
  2. Name a thing you won’t Live without.Please see #1 above
  3. Appreciate a person whom you respect more and Accept suggestions.(contact the Person and If you oksy to share here then share it) – I did that yesterday In my blog – Thank you’s and 100 Happy Songs. 🙂
  4. Which place you want to go for at least once? South Bend, Indiana and Paris
  5. Name one favorite Food. Boiled Lobster (with steamers first please)
  6. Name a Favorite movie. – To Sir With Love
  7. Give a word for Yourself that describe you. Caring but cautious
  8. Say something about Beach, seashore.Can we go Now??!!??
  9. If you given a chance to adopt a child, what will you do?- Definitely!! I was!
  10. Name a person You Love most.- There is NO “one” – Both my children and all 3 of my grandchildren.
  11. What you want to be? – the best version of me.


11 Random Facts:

  • My once dark brown hair still looks that way but is really gray underneath. shhh don’t tell. ( I earned every one of them!)
  • At age 50 I chose to walk away from the corporate world and with almost nothing started down a life path that has shown me things I could never have imagined.
  • I often wonder if it is possible to feel or care too much?
  • I have discovered I am still a dreamer!
  • If my house was paid off, which it almost is, I would love to travel!
  • People think it is funny that I still blush! 
  • I’m an avid Red Sox when it comes to baseball and in football a New England Patriots fan but I also love the Washington Redskins and in basketball the Phoenix suns.
  • Sunday afternoons are for NASCAR and napping = I state that in no particular order. I have two favorite drivers but I’m not telling who they are…
  • I wish I had a good size budget and some staff writers because I cant keep up with my ideas, and a lot of my page design work and advertising just doesn’t fit into my schedule. It makes me sad that it has to stay on the back burner for now.
  • I have driven the Southern route across the USA from New England to AZ and the Northern route from Oregon back to New England. GREAT FUN and lots to see!
  • Wouldn’t it be great if we could clone ourselves? I would like to be at least 3 people to start!


My questions for my Nominees:

What is your most favorite child hood memory?

Name an inspirational movie you would suggest someone  watch?

Name one thing you cannot go a day without? 

What’s most Important-Money or Respect?

Which place you want to go for at least once? 

Do you have a favorite sport you like to watch or play? What is it?

What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?

Which do you prefer mountains, desert or ocean and why?

Name a song that inspires you.

Use a word to describe Yourself. 

You are/aim to be a/an……?












13 thoughts on “My 2nd and 3rd LIEBSTER AWARD!!

  1. Omg ! Great to hear many things about you. Glad to know that you have been nominated and you have forwarded the next.
    Thank you so much for nominating us along with few others.
    Am very much new here to Blogging. So learning a lot here along with my daily stuff. Thank you welcoming me here warmly. Am very excited !
    Will answer them asap. 🙂

    May I know your good name or nick name. How should I call you? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I go by K… or K@countingpenniesandsheep, or The Black Wall Blog – Blogger. Lol just don’t call me late for dinner, wink! You will do wonderfully I am sure! Any questions feel free to email me anytime at! I was so confused the first time nominated! We are all here to help each other. Enjoy! Kind regards and sunshine -K


    2. Hey K !
      I shall call you K then.
      Thank you K.

      Oops ! Sorry. I had been very late to read your comment. Tomorrow, once the Dinner is ready, I will let you. Don’t forget to make your stomach empty. Because, it’s my mom who prepares dinner. Wink 😉

      Yes ! If any queries, I will enquire you via mail.

      Miracle 🙂


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