A Place I used to know….

Oh, how I have missed these moments surrounded by nature in it’s early morning virgin form, totally exposed.


11745766_10206380304533964_4625010181910065501_n Picture taken in 2015 by K

Early morning in a part of the country woods I used to know….

I see, feather like rippled clouds upon a backdrop of  peach pink colored sky underscored by the curve of the Ever green covered hillside. A dew covered field split by a curved dirt country road that leads to adventures I once embraced. The sky’s muted hues change to a line of bright pinks to white gray to a blue sky scattered with smoke gray wisps of clouds.  The day is making it’s entrance before my eyes. It is a gift all mine on this day in the latter part of the month of May 2016.  I am sitting on the front steps of a place that used to feel like my second home.

I hear a symphony of musical chirps and chatter of a variety of unseen birds. The rushing gurgling sound…

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2 thoughts on “A Place I used to know….

    1. Truly interesting those changes… Not quite sure what to think about the long term advantages/disadvantages are going to be. But I am hoping for the best…
      I know my daughter has continued and created new traditions with my youngest grand daughter and that gives me hope!! 🙂

      Kind Regards and a bit old fashioned n that’s alright – K


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