Do Meet and Greets Really work?

As my old boss used to say:

Here is “Proof of the pudding” or  

“Proof is in the pudding.”

Never heard of this? I’m sorry.. smirk

The idiom is usually stated the proof is in the pudding and means that the end result is the mark of the success or failure of one’s efforts or planning. The phrase may also be used in the past and future tenses: the proof will be/was in the pudding.

– Quoted from

dont crack me up zen to zany FLY

YES, I know, content, content, content. Be real….

Don’t concentrate on your Stats.

I can’t help myself I like to dabble. (One eyeball on stats just to see what works, what doesn’t, and refusing to lose sight of me in the process)

I am cursed or better yet BLESSED with an analytical/creative combo brain!

OH heck it is what it is! I am used to dealing with it.

HERE I AM. Take it or leave it. 😉





Here is the pudding: 

Week 4.25-5.1.2016   103 view/61 visitors/2 comments

**Jump forward after numerous meet and greets, interacting, posting, re-posting, commenting and tweeting, tumbling etc etc.**

Week 6.27-7.3.2016  563 view/254 visitors/96 comments


Now, I will ask YOU,

Do MEET AND GREETS and interacting work?


Please, reply/comment and let me know your thoughts, based on above  

AND your own personal experience??


Kind regards and looking forward to your replies – K


4 thoughts on “Do Meet and Greets Really work?

  1. Yes, they do! I found you 🙂 Love your aesthetic, and I’m finding such a community of support for a pastime, turned hobby, turned avocation… turning vocation. I’m new, so the meet and greet is just what I needed. thanks for all you’re doing. Happy 4th!


    1. Exactly! 😁
      Wallflowers don’t work.

      Interaction should get you noticed!

      Good content and solid subject matter with a sense of humor doesn’t hurt! 😎

      Off to find some subject and matter with a grin! Ha! 😘

      Kind regards and Happy 4th – K


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