We’ll Cross That Bridge…


We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Guess what!

The bridge has been found and it’s time to cross!!


Here’s your sign!  Photography compliments of L.G.B.



Longest 2 span covered bridge in the world- Windsor, VT

photography compliments of L.G.B.


IMG_2440Each of us were once

at the beginning of our journey

But, thanks to friends who believed

And continued to remind us

Of our worth, which encouraged us, 

We kept on moving along life’s path

And we were overjoyed, when we

Found success  just ’round the bend

We only had to let go of thatIMG_2446

Constricting need to be in control.




I know the road seems long

And that you are feeling weary

We will not let you falter

And stand right by your side

Each step you take is toward

Much better things in life.

Allow the universe to take the leadIMG_2443

Breathe and find joy in each step.

Success will find you, my friend

Though we know, you are just beginning

It’s the fact you decided to try

That proves you are already winning.




Kind Regards and #winning – K

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8 thoughts on “We’ll Cross That Bridge…

  1. What a lovely post this is! Found my way here through Jackie’s mention of this one on her blog! I agree with her…this is motivational 🙂
    It’s lovely to meet you here. Looking forward to more posts from you.


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