5 Reasons You Should Date a Married Man

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ย I am always saying there is a positive to every situation if you are just willing to take the initiative to look for it! I truly do believe there is a plus side to 99.9% things in life. It’s all about perception. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

5ย Reasons you should date a married man:

1) You hate sharing the remote! Face it, he is more than likely going to spend evenings at home, with his wife. Therefore, the remote is yours! It’s a win, win!

2)ย You think broken promises are cool. After all, he has already broken the ultimate promise, his vows. The chances of his keeping his promises to you are somewhere between slim and none. How can you lose?

3)ย When you sleep, you like to take up the whole bed and you don’t like to share the covers! In this case, afternoon delights will probably be the norm. Thus, when you go to bed at night, barring the part of the bed your dog hogs, the rest of the bed is yours! As an added bonus, no one is going to steal your covers in the middle of the night. It’s Perfect!!

4)ย Family gatherings are not your thing. Here is another clincher that this is the option for you! You DO NOT have to be worried about being invited to his big family gatherings. It doesn’t matter whether it’s birthdays, holidays or family picnics. You WILL NOT be invited! No uncomfortable moments of meeting his family for the first time or having his newest little nephew, spitting formula all over your new outfit! Nope, not ever. His wife will be the one to endure that stuff. How can you go wrong? Face it, you can’t! Here is another check on the plus side!

5)ย You enjoy living your life in limbo. Sure enough, once again you are a winner!! Envision it, it’s a year maybe two down the road since you started seeing each other. Your relationship is still at the same spot it was in the beginning. A few hours here and there of quality time together and there isn’t “that talk” about moving in together. Nope! You can stay right where you are. Totally confident that you are safe in the knowledge that nothing is going to change in your living situation! PHEW have you dodged a bullet or what!! YOU GO GIRL!!ย 

And that my friends is how we look at things with a positive twist!! Personally, NOT my thing. But hey, someone out there is going to be extremely happy withย this list!! ย ha!


Kind Regards and keep ’em smiling – K


Daily prompt:ย Forbidden

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