Inspiring Others-We Are Expanding!

Compliments of K

 So much has happened in just over 3 months since this blog was started. We have met so many wonderful people and connected with countless new bloggers and friends. We have learned so much, we have stumbled, we have tripped and we kept plugging along… “Singing our song”… We didn’t Give up!! 



Today we are Celebrating

 a new opportunity

for The Black Wall Blog! 



I along with some wonderful fellow bloggers  have been invited and are starting our journey as contributing authors for


 “The Success Inspirer’s World”

with Ngobesing Romanus.


Inspire Coach Encourage motivate


Click here  Success Inspirer’s Bloggers’ Solidarity Support Forum Registration


This is how I started! -Click the link above and Register.  I did and was able to Connect with other bloggers and have them connect with me-Plus join in activities and challenges! The same opportunity is available to you!

Don’t forget to Click the link above!  


It’s a WIN! WIN!!



” Success is the ability to go from one failure

to another with no loss of enthusiasm. “

– Winston Churchill




Kind Regards and  walking on Sunshine – K     🙂




 (Yes,  L.G.B. will continue to be a part of my team.  I would be lost without my favorite photographer!) Teamwork is what it is all about! 

Weekly Photo Challenge Look Up

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