The Blog-Watching the Daisies Prompt-SMALL STEPS UP MOUNTAINS

This morning, I started out writing about posterity. I was stewing over whether or not we are losing connection to each other due to social media. In a lot of ways, sadly, I believe, YES, we are! Then I stumbled onto a fellow bloggers post.  

Now, I see a ray of hope…  


CLICK HERE-Watching the Daisies writing prompt!

 Come and join me!


Her Questions:

Who or what inspired you to start the ascent?

The return of my son from his tour overseas. I had taken a year off from work while he was there, which was the worst thing I could have done! Way too much time on my hands and not enough time connecting face to face with people. I utilized only social media to stay in touch. (insert shaking my head here, while staring down at my toes.) It can be a very cold place if that is the only friend that you allow in your world. Your soul, your very being needs face to face interaction! And giant bear hugs!!

How did you break the climb into manageable bites? 

I got help!  AND afterward did a 6 week long CBT (Cognitive–Behavioural Therapy), with twice per week classes. A large part of CBT class is based on mindfulness and “living in the NOW”. One thing it helped me re-enforce, was  what I had learned about – RTS- reasonable tiny steps. (I wrote about it in my post- Link to “DON’T CRACK ME UP?”)

Each tiny step forward is progress! It doesn’t matter how small, forward is forward, darn it!! I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, didn’t look up. It would have been too overwhelming to see the distance I had to go to reach the top. 

THE BEST PART! Once I knew I was near the top- it made me feel momentously exuberantly successful when I looked back from where I came and realized how far I had come! 

Who supported you along the way? 

My daughter and some close friends. 

What have you learned?

Never give up! 

Pay it forward- If you see someone who needs help. Start by just giving them a smile. If they are ready to ask for help, this will help them realize they have an ally. Then and only then can you make some suggestions on reading material, who to call, places to research etc. 

What are you thankful for?

Each day that I continue to my journey. Whether I move forward or just take a moment to rest and enjoy my surroundings. If I am not moving backwards than I am just where I need to be.

Is there any part of the journey you would have done differently?

NOPE. I have learned way too much about myself, God, the Universe and others.

But if I had to do something differently, I would not have taken that year off! 

She will publish some of your stories on her blog with a link to your blog, or simply use it as a writing prompt for others. 


I hope each of you will give this a go!


“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.”

~Reba McEntire




Kind Regards and connecting- K










Weekly post about something that is disappearing: For Posterity

10 thoughts on “The Blog-Watching the Daisies Prompt-SMALL STEPS UP MOUNTAINS

    1. Fingers crossed for you!!

      I probably should have done it a tad bit different.. but i had the story started… saw your thought process/questions and it inspired me… 🙂

      fingers crossed

      Kind Regards and toes crossed too – K

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ahh shucks NOW I’m blushing!! 🙂 then again= You produced ‘GOOD STUFF” that made it easy to work with…

      I haven’t had a chance to hop onto your site and see what you received…
      I just posted about a new opportunity… thus I have been a bit busy this morning..
      Wearing two hats as of today…. eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk.

      I am looking forward to us collaborating.

      Have a wonderful day. I am headed to your page!

      Kind Regards and still blushing – K

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  1. Okay. So this is the answer yo her post. Ah! QA.. Hmm.. Interesting post actually… I loved your answers too. Very motivating.
    But I have to think a lot or rather search an answer deep inside me for them.. it’s tough actually…
    Will check the Q again. Hope I can answer..
    My mom is already worried about a dream she dreamt a week ago about me getting kidnapped. Since then, she asks me to very careful, even online. She gets panic even if she my real name anywhere here. Lol. Then I have to convince her that it is safe here. Already I have revealed much in my Liebster award except my real name. He he.


    1. Safety first! Ayup it’s a mom thing! 🙈🙉🙊

      Glad you got my note!! 😸 Yippee!!!

      Being revealing without revealing exactly where you are can be tricky!

      Looking forward to your As to the Q’s. 😁

      Kind regards and sunshine – K

      PS The link to her post is there, you can just tell her K sent you from well you know that colored wall blog! Ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

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