Inspirational prints from Zen to Zany

I started this blogging journey with some hope, and a need to share some positive habits I have tested along my life path. My heart is filled with a deep desire for continued growth, the openness to learn from others, to reach out and connect. Perhaps, the universe has opened this door because it is my calling.  


Many years ago, we lost a family member to the darkness. That was something out of my control But, if I can change the mindset of even one life that is headed down that same dark path, I will consider myself triumphant.


As each of us, walk a uniquely different life path, there is the shared desire to keep moving farther away from the black wall that can hinder the joy of the life we deserve. Together, we can grow stronger by sharing stories of our struggles, stumbles and our victories.   


Through out my journey, even prior to the world of blogging,  I have been fortunate to have Zen to Zany’s wonderful prints to inspire me. When she agreed to allow me to use her prints on this blog, I did my happy scoot bootin’ jiggy dance! 


 She is an inspirational artist, with a wonderfully positive out look. I am extremely grateful and dang lucky that she allowed me free reign to any posts she shared on FB. 

Today,  I dedicate this page to her.

You can find her on Facebook CLICK HERE and Etsy – CLICK HERE











And those, my friends are only some of her inspirations.

When you stop by her page

tell her K at The Black Wall Blog says hello. 

Kind Regards and Sunshine – K


13 thoughts on “Inspirational prints from Zen to Zany

  1. This is beautiful K. Its always a pleasure to see people trying to help others, motivate them and if possible try to save them from going into the dark. I pray ur work doesnt go unnoticed and that u touch someones life with it. God bless u


    1. Thank you! Now what shall I call you?
      I have been blessed to help a few people over the years…

      But each and ever person that struggles needs someone in their corner…
      and if they are willing to do the work. I am right here for them.

      Your words always make me smile… and wrap around me like a warm hug!!

      Kind Regards and smiling- K 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can call me “little bird” because my words will always be available for you whenever you need them. I will just sing them to u. Keep up with the good work K. God bless


  2. WordPress won’t let me “like” this, but this is a great post on a lovely blog with a positive, uplifting message. We’re not in this alone. I admire that you go the distance to share someone’s art the right way. Great for everyone! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks so much. But i have followed her on FB for a very long time!!

      You will find, when you get to know me. I am just one of those people.. that I like to cheer people on. If it touches me then a person should be given credit! and more importantly if it something I feel others will enjoy.. then it’s share share share… It’s an old FB habit. And from 100 years ago… an old sports habit…

      thank you for noticing… 🙂

      Kind Regards – K


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