Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!

Definitely had to share this information! Yes it maybe out for all of us to find! But how wonderful she took the time to do the research and write the post! Thank you!!! 😁


So in yesterday blog post was a simple thank you to all your wonderful souls out there, simply sharing my journey and the chaos of that journey.

Or one could say the  Randomness of the journey,  oh lets try this, oh lets try that, oh but I don’t want to spend money.  It is a 30 day free trial – that means I have to remember to pay or cancel in 30 days time, no biggie just be a calendar reminder on the phone really no big.   Oh oh oh –  please don’t get me wrong – LOVING THE JOURNEY!!

Anyway,   this is not my official post of the day, but it something I tried before but couldn’t get to work.  Not because it is difficult , it is because I approached it when I was trying too many other things out and just max’d myself out.  …

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6 thoughts on “Twitter – How to be social with out killing yourself!

  1. Thank you so much for this! Have been very confused about Twitter and my wizard granddaughter is not around to ask about it. She is faster than Google and knows All Things Social Media!


  2. Thanks for the repost. To all that want to try twitter . Set up your twitter account first. Then go to tweetdeck – this allows you to schedule post throughout the day even the week. So you might be missing-in-action aka a holiday – but you are still tweeting and growing your tribe and keeping everyone engaged.

    I am totally in love with it… Oh I can’t tell you HOW EASY IT IS. Copy Paste, Chose a date and time and post.

    Warning: Tweeter know if the post is a duplicate, so I simply number them or change the words up a -bit. I am a bit more experience since I posted the post on my blog.

    Wishing you all success and FUN – Believe me IT IS FUN – really!


    1. And once again, I am chuckling! Perhaps we shall just have a celebration of life the next time! Less expensive, And a party in your honor! Shall I add you to the guest list? 🎈🎊📬

      Kind Regards and busy planning – K


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