Small Sentence, Big Meaning!

Here are 12 two-word sentences that WE NEVER WILL FORGET!

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I happened on a writer’s Blog and he had a very intriguing post entitled

5 word stories we never remember.  Which sparked my jotting down over

105  two-word sentences:

Here are 12 two-word sentences that WE NEVER WILL FORGET!

The first column tells a story of it’s own. Can you guess what it is about?

It crashed!                            Just Breathe.          Marry me.

They shrieked!                    Be present.              I do.

She Wept.                             Be kind.

He begged.                           You Can!

We prayed.                           We won!

Kind Regards and Keep ’em thinking – K

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3 thoughts on “Small Sentence, Big Meaning!

  1. LOVE THIS! You are awesome as always, and I get so much inspiration when I stop by!

    I’m intrigued, so I’ll give it a whirl: Me too. Why not? Don’t ask. Here, Kitty! I just love how these miniature messages pack a punch. I want to try flash fiction too.

    Sooooo, are you weaving a story with that first column or referring to a particular event in history? My guesses are: my computer, a jet, and what paris hilton says to her daddy when he buys her a new car.

    Thanks for the inspiration, K!! love, sharon


    1. As always your comments make me smile and tickle my funny bone! Flash fiction. I LIKE it! Shall we start a trend? Oh, yes! Let’s go! Sounds fun! Ha! 😜

      You are clever! We could blog your comments! Lol

      Hint: an event in history! But love all answers.

      Kind Regards and will be chuckling all day – K


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