Flash Fiction Challenge #1


Created on Photofunia.com by K


This started from a spark inspired from LINK: Richard M. Ankers  blog from

HIS post entitled: LINK: Six Word Stories: Unnoticed ,

which I mistakenly alluded to as:”5 word stories we never remember.” OOPS!

                A rookie mistake!

                     (Palm to forehead-WHAP!)

                           With a HAND SLAP!

                        And MAJOR apologies to Mr. Ankers.

                         Journalism 101: Check your facts!!! 

 I  confess, I started it (insert Halo here~ SMIRK),

     with my Small Sentence, Big Meaning post.

       LINK: Small Sentence, Big Meaning.

          You can thank Sharon at LINK: Riverbed for the name.            


Sharon called it – Flash Fiction/ she liked my twist!


Using any  WP generated Daily post or prompt you would like from the current week-

Flash Fiction Challenge #1 RUNS THRU next Wed 7/20/16

All  posts/prompts from Friday 7/8/16 (Wed) through today 7/14/16 (Thu) are acceptable. Next week I will have the list. 

1) Write any short story/poem or prose piece you would like that pertains to a daily post/prompt. 

 THE TWIST: Whatever you choose, must be told using two-word sentences only! THEY REALLY PACK A PUNCH!

2) You may add any imaging you like.

3) Please tag your post #theblackwallblogflashfiction

4) Once published please post the link in the comment section below.

5) Have fun!!  

(#5 is a perfect example of a two-word sentence!)

Note: Thank heavens my buddy at #Miraclegirlblog does a fabulous weekly challenge, she has hers so nicely outlined I was able to take some wonderful tips from her. Thank you Miracle! Don’t forget to stop by https://miraclegirlblog.wordpress.com/ and give her challenge a try!!

Kind Regards and Join us – K

SUBMISSIONS:  My Journey from The Black Wall Blog

               he stared/ Miracle Girl Blog

            Flash Fiction – RIVERBED


12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #1

  1. Yayy ! This is very interesting !
    But I didn’t understand the challenge exactly.
    We need to use any prompt ongoing for that time period. And write a six word story. Right?
    If wrong. Correct me please.
    I’m now going to check your contribution. Sorry for late recognizing your challenge.


  2. Pingback: miraclegirlblog
  3. Reblogged this on riverbed and commented:
    Ok! K@CountingPenniesand Sheep on the BlackWallBlog (https://theblackwallblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/14/flash-fiction-challenge-1/) is hosting a flash-fiction challenge, told with 2-word sentences. So I’m running to catch the last car on that train (deadline is today), and I dare you to join me! Introduce yourself to K for more awesome (and funny) challenges and a tremendous storehouse of encouragement for writers 😀

    Here goes, K!

    Say good-bye. Beach house. Say good-bye.
    Rearview longing. Final leaving.
    I will. Not forget.

    Chasing waves. Scooping sand. Singing, sailing.
    Brilliant sunshine. Sunburned shoulders.
    I found. Sweet rest.

    Troubled waters. Dark times. Hard truths.
    Trusting prayers. Grace sufficient.
    I learned. God’s way.

    Seasons change. People grow. New horizons.
    Painful times. Left behind.
    I will. Look ahead.

    Perfect respite. Wind and water. Safe harbor.
    Tough transitions.

    Rearview looksHalcyon days. I will. Never forget.
    Sandy places. Swishing grass. Packing memories. Sandy shoes. Suntanned Sandy shoreline. Swaying grasses.


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