My Journey


Using any  WP generated Daily post or prompt you would like from the current week-

Flash Fiction Challenge #1 will take any  prompts from Friday 7/8/16 (Wed) through today 7/14/16 (Thu)

1) Write any short story/poem or prose piece you would like that pertains to a daily post/prompt. 

 THE TWIST: Whatever you choose, must be told using two-word sentences only! THEY REALLY PACK A PUNCH!

2) You may add any imaging you like.

3) Please tag your post #theblackwallblogflashfiction

4) Once published please post the link in the comment section below.

5) Have fun!!  


My Journey     13615476_1008260115953402_301229922407928279_n

  We went.

     She spoke.

        He played.

           She sang.

         I listened.

                They sang.

                   Rock on!

                      We clapped.

                         We stood.

                            Everyone swayed!

                               All danced.

                                 We cheered!

                                     Good times!


                                   They served.

                                       He ate.

                                          She drank.

                                              I drank.

                                                  We drank.

                                                    He didn’t.

                                                      He drove.

                                                       She giggled.

                                                          I snickered.

                                                          We sang.

                                                            Not good!

                                                             He cringed.

                                                                We laughed.

                                                                    What fun!

                                                                      He succeeded.

                                                                       We’re home.

13613389_1004885439624203_7422990985033517100_o     Good  night.





Kind Regards and Keep chuckling – K



It may sounds silly. But it’s not quite as simple as it seems.. Try it!


I chose the daily prompt Journey


Daily Prompt Journey#





7 thoughts on “My Journey

    1. yes!!

      if you look at my submission, it is an example of 2 word sentences.. they make sense…

      you just need to find a way to put them together to make a short story,or a poem or just some prose…

      here is a really simple one…

      She spoke.
      I giggled!

      Miracle these are not easy… but i know with your talent you can do it!!

      I took a note pad and wrote down every 2 word sentence I could brainstorm…
      just to start..

      YOU CAN DO IT!!

      Kind Regards and looking forward to your fun!! – K

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah ! Now. I totally understood your challenge. Yes. This is not easy as it seems. Indeed a challenge only. Thank you for the challenge.. Yes ! I will write and inform you soon 😃


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