Feast not…

Sipping on chicken broth, drinking coffee and slurping my blue, (Yes, BLUE!) jello, as I sit patiently awaiting to see what the WP daily post is going to be. OH! Good, I have just received notice in Gmail it’s here. I see it! My first thought is, seriously? Then, after a moment of pensiveness, I chuckle.

The chuckle, is proof that it is all about perspective. It is inevitable, life will throw fast balls straight at us. Our reaction is literally our choice.  We can duck, just stand there and allow each ball to hit us- THWACK and down we go, or we can hold out our glove and catch them, one at a time.

Today, I chose my glove. I am part way through day number two of a pre-medical test 2-day fast. The Daily post is feast. I AM BEYOND hungry! It has been over 30 hours since my last solid food. Perhaps, I am delirious due to lack of food. Then again, maybe I am just being realistic. It is what it is. Just because WP chose to toss out that word today does not mean anyone is out to get me. In fact I find it rather comical.

Visions of a gigantic Thanksgiving turkey, basted and roasted perfectly with a light brown crusty top pops into my head. Underneath, it’s full of tender juicy white and dark meat. I can almost smell the deliciousness from the image. My mouth longs to taste the fluffy, beater whipped gravy smothered mashed potatoes, candied yams, tartness of the cranberry jelly and the crisp spicy vinegar of the dill pickles. Add a rich full bodied pumpkin filling to the flaky home made pie crust baked desert with extra whip cream and my mouth is watering.

Okay, that’s enough. Keep this up and I won’t be chuckling anymore. I can dwell or move on. I shall move on to something else.

My choice.



Kind Regards and thinking positive- K




Daily post Feast


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