Flash Fiction Challenge #2

“You Can do Anything

                          You Set Your Mind to.”

~ Benjamin Franklin


Created on Photofunia.com by K 



Flash Fiction Challenge #2

Entries due by Wed 7/27/16

All  posts/prompts from Friday 7/15/16 through today 7/21/16 (Thu) are acceptable. 

The daily posts are:

Nightmare/Unpredictable/Drive/Frail/Feast/ Depth/Carefree.

1) Write any short story/poem or prose piece you would like using one or more daily post/prompt. 

 THE TWIST: Whatever you choose:

Must be written using two-word sentences only!


2) You may add any imaging you like.

3) Please tag your post #theblackwallblogflashfiction

4) Once published please post the link in the comment        section below.

5) Have fun!!  

(#5 is a perfect example of a two-word sentence!)

Flash Fiction challenge #1 entries were:


He stared – Miraclegirl Blog

My Journey The Black Wall Blog

Flash Fiction RIVERBED


Our Dream House or… The BlackWall Blog


I’m confused….. Miracle Girl Blog


Kind Regards and Flashing (giggle) – K

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26 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #2

    1. you may also use the photography prompts or other prompts that are supplied by wp during the time frame that is mentioned. I wanted to make sure the Daily word prompts were there so you didn’t have to go looking for them..
      Seems a little birdie might have mentioned if would be nice if I did that… You can find her at Riverbed. 🙂

      Welcome Miracle – I am sure you will have a blast with this one!! – K


    1. Me too – I get so excited when I see the little red number at the corner of my WP app, lol! I think I might try it late this weekend-I’m spread a bit too thin this week and getting very little writing done in general (boo). Let’s see how creative I can get…2 word sentences that’s gonna be tough!


    2. It is… The first time.. I just sat with a notebook and wrote every 2-word sentence
      I could find.. hahaha…

      I am getting ready to post mine.. I am still learning… but thoroughly enjoy the challenge!!

      So glad you are thinking of joining us!!

      Kind Regards and feeling brave haha – K

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I get kind of free only on monday 😄 Since I don’t receive submissions for miracle challenge in monday. Still, I received 3 today. May be more later.
      That’s why I participated today better than late and you will receive my future submissions too on Mondays 😉
      Yeah ! Now I need to prepare for Week – 7’s Miracle Challenges 😃


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