Meet and Greet – A welcome to new bloggers – Makeovers, Music and Reviews

Here is a wonderful new Meet and Greet!! I didn’t boost my views by over 1500 in the last 3 weeks from twiddling my thumbs.. Get on out there and check out some new blogs, comment, connect, learn…. most of all, HAVE FUN!! Kind Regards and YOU CAN DO IT – K

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

meet and greetI have met some terrific bloggers this week who cover a very wide range of topics from makeovers to house and gardens, latest in fashions and music and of course writers and poets. I think you will find something for everyone so without any further delay… let’s meet them.

Meet Kirsty of Embracing Authenticity is 17 year’s old and has already experienced harsh reality in the form of Anorexia Nervosa. In her blog she shares her experiences in a very mature way as she faces the challenge of moving through what is a devastating eating disorder.

John Willinghamof Dreamy Home has some great ideas for makeovers. Since we are in full makeover mode it is great to see some examples, particularly of colour matching.  This blog is very helpful..

Those of you who pop in regularly know that I am not a fan of diet or full…

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