How can I say Goodbye?

In Loving Memory of Holly.


To  My Dearest Faithful Companion 


Today we have to make that solemn drive,

To a place where others, before you had to go.

If it wasn’t for my faith and belief in Rainbow Bridge,

I don’t have any clue of how I could ever let you go.

My heart is surely breaking, my tears are flowing strong.

I’ve been blessed for many years, for our tramping in the woods.

Memories of paths we investigated, adventured

And happily sauntered along.

Oh the fond thoughts of you and that beloved furry face.

That always gently nudged me, for that promised good girl treat.


Rest your precious head, sweet girl, place it on my lap,

I’ll wrap my arms, you’ll feel my love surround you,

Until this too short earth journey gently ends.

So long, my beautiful hairy child,  It’s only

My selfishness that will weep on for awhile.

I’ll be thankful you are suffering no more

And have comfort in knowing

All your pain has ceased.

So long my beautiful girl, now run along and play,

No need to look back , I assure you, in time I’ll be okay.

The time will fly, you’ll see, not so unlike the whipping wind,

As promised, I will be there, to stroke  your beloved head.

It wont be long, until you do, your favorite nose nudge game,

And once again the scarfing of your favorite, promised good girl treat.

Then once again we’ll jaunt along and things will continue,

Just like they’ve always been,

Soon my sweet,  your nose will twitch with my familiar scent

And you won’t even realize that any time’s been spent.


For L.G.B and Holly.


Kind Regards and love abounds -K





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10 thoughts on “How can I say Goodbye?

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and the condolence. You thoughts are greatly

      Yes, we need to have faith and find a way to make it all worth it. Looking for the positive in any situation is my goal… 🙂

      Comments make me smile…

      Have a wonderful day!!

      Kind regards and feeling grateful – K


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