Go Back to the Basics, If You Dare…

Photo compliments of K


After 3 days in the mountains with no cell, wifi or running water…

I did have electricity and a radio..

I found myself dancing around the kitchen and

spending hours and hours ambling thru the woods,

taking pictures… I didn’t have a clue as to what time it was.


I experienced a full,

body and mind fulfillment,

that even my soul had forgotten

it knew how to embrace.


Try 3 days without your cell or computer… 

Find you…

Arm yourself with pen and paper…

Allow your imagination to run wild.

Your spirit to soar, free of electronics.

Get YOUR NOSE out of that phone!

There is LIFE TO LIVE!!


Obviously, I wasn’t alone….


Which animal’s tracks are in the 2nd and 3rd pics below??

Please put your answers in the comment section. 



Photos COPYRIGHT and compliments of L.G.B.



Kind Regards – K


Shared Journeys


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