Life Is Good!

She’s baaaaack!! “It’s interesting the things

that one has time to ponder when

they are in the middle of somewhere.

You realize I was not in the middle of nowhere,

it doesn’t exist.” – K        😉

anatures window

“Life Is Good’ represents the most beautiful,

dramatic and heavy moments in my life.” ~ Nas


“One advantage of talking to yourself

is that you know at least

somebody’s listening.” ~Franklin P. Jones


“A day without sunshine is like,

you know, night.” ~ Steve Martin



Much more to come…. Gosh I only took 1170 pictures…

Oh the fun we will have with those in the coming months…

NEW NEWS!! Next month I will be heading on

another adventure to North Carolina!

This will not only be a blog

             of finding your way,

                 discovering happiness within yourself,

                    moving forward down you life path

                          through depression,

                              anxiety, PTSD, a bit of prose,

                                  flash fiction

                                     and inspiring others!

                                  ALSO a bit of a travel blog…





The doors are wide open!

If I can work my way through

my own anxiety and

panicked moments

so can you!!  



I missed you all!!

Kind Regards and glad to be home – K


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