Fear not the Feeling

Some days we need to

Take a step back. 

And perform a microscopic 

Look Inside.

So often not an easy

Thing to do.

Sadness, fear, anger 

And anxiety too

All pent up inside bouncing

And burrowing

Into our beings,

Our souls.

Without our taking timely

Emotional inventory

Eventually one or many

Hidden feelings,

Can appear at the most

Inconvenient moments.

So beware, the grizzly that may

Be hiding.

Take the time to take care of

The emotional you.


Even nature knows it’s all going to be Okay!! 🙂


Kind Regards and looking inwards/cleaning house – K



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14 thoughts on “Fear not the Feeling

  1. Thank you for this piece. We really need to be careful in the way we handle our emotional self. Just today I got some unpleasant news and tings aren’t going my way and I don’t even feel like doing anything right now. I’m just disheartened but I guess everything happens for a reason so I’m keeping the faith. Thank you very much for this😊


    1. You are most welcome.

      I often write.. when I need to keep the faith… I am so glad that
      it helped you too…

      I am sorry you are going through a rough time… My prayers and positive thoughts are with you!!

      Kind Regards and sending hugs – K


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