Let It Go…

Relax, stop the hurry

Gently breathe

Gently breathe, once more

Allow your shoulders to relax…

And lower them…

Were they up around your ears?

birch sisters

Meet the Birches! They’re sisters.

They hang around

and do breathing exercises

Out in the woods.. 

Totally relaxed and zen.

blue sky intertwined branches.JPG


I always feel peaceful 

out of the city.

Just myself

And nature,

Fresh air

Blue skies,



home in tree with spider webb

Close your eyes

And visualize

Yourself smiling…

Gently breathe

Gently breathe, once more.

Enjoy the beautiful sight

Of your happy face

For a while.

Slowly inhale,

Slowly exhale,

Do it one more time

As you see 

All your worries

Gently fly away…


close up pink flowers


Look!! Those guys got so relaxed

They dropped their petals!!


dropped pink petals



They say if you visualize yourself smiling

Eventually  a smile will appear on your face

And then the rest of your body will  start

Smiling too.  Making you feel rather luxurious…




“A warm smile is the

universal language of kindness.”

~William Arthur Ward


Kind Regards and feeling relaxed – K

photos compliments of K and L.G.B.



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