Our Greatest Treasures

“There are amazingly wonderful people

in all walks of life; some familiar to us

and others not. Stretch yourself and

really get to know people.

People are in many ways one

of our greatest treasures. ”

― Bryant H. McGill


You and I


Close, like eighth grade

Best friends forever,

From elementary school,

Whispering giggled secrets.



green naturall framed orange shroom


Love, rare as

Lady slipper’s blossoms

Found in the back

New England woods.


clouds above the hill framed nicely


Time, passing like

Wind swept clouds.

Across deep blue skies

Disappearing from view

Is what we’re wasting.



heart thru the trees


Hearts, two came

together as one.

Are we only 

Actors on Broadway?

Playing our scenes

Through all three acts

And the time, has come

For one final curtain call?

Or will the script

We are creating together

Continue to Act IV?



Kind Regards and reaching out – K


PHOTOS on this page copyrighted and compliments of K and L.G.B.

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