I Was A Modern Woman

I used to take

It all

For granted.

Those suitors

That knocked upon

My door.

Yes, there were more

Than plenty.

I broke some hearts

And often acted,

As though

I truly

Did not care.



A Modern woman!


Of course,

I had my own

Heart split

Wide open

More than

A time or two.

But I was



Strong willed,

And content

To be set,

In my ways.



A modern woman!


Now it seems as tho,

I might have mellowed.

Just a bit…

With age.

And I have found

A time.

Not cats!

But some odd yearning,

To be

More than,

Just me,

Being free.

I wonder if,

Now it’s too late?

For this dear

Old heart

To beat along,

The side

Of a beloved mate?

Is this

King size bed

I sleep upon,

Bound to a

Half filled destiny?


Kind Regards and loving my dogs – K




9 thoughts on “I Was A Modern Woman

  1. This is nice. We spend our time breaking/rejecting people and later wonder why we a re lonely. Sometimes we don’t need to fit in society’s description of a woman. We just gotta be our very own selves. Inspiring!!!😍😍


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