Mount Holly, Vermont #1

The last weekend of July and the first weekend of August, 2016- I was extremely lucky to “get away from it all” to a friend’s family hunting camp, way up in the back back back woods of Vermont.

A place called Mount Holly. It sure has an extremely interesting history.  More of that to come later…



I didn’t have one anxiety or panic attack while I was there…

Even when I crossed this! The last pic doesn’t really do the

distance justice… it’s a long way down!!

But a beautiful cross country skiing bridge in the winter time.


 cross that bridge.JPG


grist mill bridge from below.JPG


When you are on a journey you come to a 

fork in the road and you have to make a decision….

And sometimes not.

natural forg


I kept looking for the fast ones….

slow bridge

I love to go to new out of the way places…

You just never know who you might meet!!

mr froggy


Or  perhaps Mr Elephant Head.



Every morning I headed up the hill toward the brook and the National Forest. There were a couple of awesome photo opportunity clearings through the trees. Each time I went there they looked different. All you had to do was move a few feet and things changed!

They were amazing!



One day it looked like this….


Another afternoon it looked like this.

gray white mountain not as gray

Breathtaking isn’t it!!

clouds above the hill framed nicely

To be continued…..


Kind Regards  and  traveling on – K

Photography copyrighted and compliments of K and L.G.B.

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13 thoughts on “Mount Holly, Vermont #1

  1. Thanks for that enjoyable tour around Mount Holly, a very picturesque pleasant location, I like the moss covered stone walls, there must be some history there, and that fork in the road is truly a wonder.
    Thank you for sharing.


    1. your are welcome.. an interesting place… to think it was such a prospering town in the 1800s and now it is full of hunting camps… and old left behind orchards, cellar holes and such.. all part of progress and somehow makes it more intriguing and even more beautiful….

      I am glad you enjoyed it.. Travel is a new topic for me so I am dabbling…and feel much more comfortable with the pictures than the words.. but didnt want to do the area injustice by leaving out the history.. hence the link.. lol…

      Glad you appreciated the fork in the road… 🙂

      Kind Regards and truly enjoying all the comments – K

      Liked by 1 person

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