Get out of the not-good-enough trap

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We belong to the world which favours success, rarely talks about failures. It is required from us to be everything, to know more, to learn day and night, to perfect our skills whatever they be. Or isnโ€™t it the other way around? While no progress can be made without the ambition to start working on it, wanting to work on too much can be no less lethal. Thereโ€™s a beauty in the force that pushes us forward, thereโ€™s also danger in wanting too much in too little time. Are you in the not-good-enough trap as well?ย 

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6 thoughts on “Get out of the not-good-enough trap

  1. I am not in the not-good-enough trap. I have been there. I know what it is to have shyness overtake my personality. I came out of that as I prayed honestly to God about this flaw of mine. My dad had the same problem, and he overcame. I figured I could also. I love the quietness now. I see beauty in speaking, and beauty in shutting my mouth. It’s the little things that bother me. People, places and things all come into perspective. I am a Christian because I found the Lord. He is the one who has changed me, and is changing me this year. I am far from perfect, but beauty can be on the inside, or a beautiful person is not beautiful for long.


      1. Well, you see, I grew up shy as a post. I wouldn’t talk to boys, or men, and I really had a fear problem of most people. When I became a Christian, my Dad shared with me how he overcame shyness. I prayed about it and God has delivered me from most of it. I still get quiet at times, on purpose. Thank you for replying.


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