#2016in3words Surprise?!?

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2016, the year

Grave surprises of

Such monumental proportion

Complicated inflamed twists

Disaster infused turns

US politics, life

Altering world events

Rampant emotions of

Hate, anger, fear

None remain unscathed.

Old friends separated

Opinion driven rifts

All searching for

Answers of hope

Prayers for peace

Grasps for future

Journeys toward positive

Outcomes, holding on.

An unfathomed destiny

For breaching borders

Uniting unlikely forces

Via data highway

Known as cyberspace

Blog inspired wavelengths

Meshing together of

Inspired hopeful souls

A possibility for

Brighter answers for

Question filled brains?

Kind Regards – K

The Black Wall Blog

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7 thoughts on “#2016in3words Surprise?!?

    1. Thank you… I prefer to stay away from political topics… but thought perhaps i could do
      something on the positive side…your comment definitely makes me feel better about the decision and lessons the doubt that i may just have pulled it off.. lol

      hello to Australia… So glad we have connected.. I truly am interested in all views… from all over..

      Kind Regards and smiling – K


      1. Out of my reach.
        No. I don’t have any permission. Neither I have asked nor he gave. I just wanted to know how that works. Because, I see bloggers posting under success inspirer’s. Hence, I asked it to you. Thank you for explaining 🙂


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