Do You Remember, FUN?



I am reaching out for YOUR HELP!

What are your thoughts on this?

Where do you suggest I start?

Do you struggle with this too?

Please share anything and everything!

Here is the background:

WordPress’ weekly photo

Challenge is here!

The subject is fun!

What is fun?

Do you remember?

In one split second,

Can you clearly define

Your current thoughts 

Of having a good time?

Instantanious visualizations

Of past events of me laughing

Quickly flicker, fast forward

Like a mini slideshow thru my mind.

But truthfully, when was the last time

Such a carefree occurrence, did I find

Myself smack in the middle of

Without a whole lot of prep and

Trepidation, battling inner fear?

What a scary thought, I am thinking,

That, it’s no longer my norm,

At what point did my life go

From heartfelt enjoyment,

To some type of dark storm?

Another goal to aspire to,

Again, a chance at #winning!

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6 thoughts on “Do You Remember, FUN?

    1. perfect…. I knew i had seen it somewhere… the normal setting that is… hahaha!!

      Thank you roo… 🙂

      who wants to be normal anyway… like the movie Practical magic…
      “My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.” – Aunt Frances”
      ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

      thought you might appreciate that as much as I do… have a wonderful day..- K


  1. Fun has taken on a whole new meaning these days, as I age I recall the fun of my youth, carefree adventures and laughter and joy exploring the world and its intricacies, fun under the shining sun or beneath the rays of a waning moon, they are what memory’s are made off, today’s memory’s are filled with the myriad collection of technological toys.


    1. and to think the fun we once had with a stick, some dirt or a bag of marbles… lol

      Your comment brings back many fond memories of my own.. and does remind me of how the world has changed.. Interestingly enough I am hearing and seeing more and more young people put their phones away, delete their FB accounts and go out in live.. I am thinking there is hope…

      Your kind words mean a lot!!

      Kind Regards and smiling – K


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