The Hardest thing in life…

Black & White Sunday: Favourite photo challenge

Challenge is from Lost in Translation!

Shout out to 

 McClendon Villa for giving me the heads up!! 🙂

“The hardest thing in life is

to know which bridge to cross

and which bridge to burn.”

~ Unknown


The Windsor, VT bridge taken from the NH side. 🙂

Compliments of L.G.B.


Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K


2 thoughts on “The Hardest thing in life…

  1. What a beautiful bridge, we don’t see bridges like that here in Australia, I must admit that when I first saw it, I was reminded of the movie Beetlejuice.
    Thank you for sharing and black and white really does credit to the bridge.


    1. Thanks so much –
      It’s actually the longest wooden bridge in the USA… Glad I could share it with you..
      Tho Beetle juice a great movie, wasn’t what i was going for!! But it does conjure up all sorts of visuals..hahha.

      Yes, L.G.B. did justice to that pic when he changed it over… I will let him know how much you appreciated it..

      Kind Regards and may never get that movie out of my mind for the rest of the day – K


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