Only the Written


Often I try to verbalize aloud,
 My love filled thoughts and feelings.
 The spoken word never seems to convey,
 All that I carry in my heart and head.
 So I must share with you, my truth
 via the written word instead.

When we speak face to face,
 My words come out rather garbled and vague.
 So, let me write it down for you
 Let me expose my soul and be sure,
 That you genuinely understand,
 When it comes to you and I,
 I want us to endure.

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7 thoughts on “Only the Written

    1. Thanks for the response…

      I often find that it is easier for me to say something in writing than to speak it…
      Depending on the subject matter or it could be the person or I could just be over tired. I wonder if anyone else has that happen to them??


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  1. This is so me…I express myself so well through words but whenever I meet the person face to face, they come out all clumpsy. Thanks K. Happy to know I’m not alone in this


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