Summer Jazz with William Price King – Ella Fitzgerald – Part Four – Collaborations

Sharing.. In memory of my dad… My own personal Jazzman!!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

William and his musicLast week in the Ella Fitzgerald story we discovered the delights of the eight Songbooks that Ella recorded up to 1964. This week a brief look at her appearances on the large and small screens and also her collaborations with some of the best performers of the day. My thanks as always to William Price King for his wonderful contribution to the blog and you will find links to his other articles at the end of the post.

Ella Fitzgerald was an exceptional performer and this did cross over into both television and film roles in the 50s. Her manager Norman Granz was able to negotiate a role for Ella in the Jack Webb 1955 jazz film Pete Kelly’s Blues alongside Janet Leigh and Peggy Lee. This was her first film since 1942 and Ella was thrilled by the opportunity.. Unfortunately the critics where not so thrilled with the film…

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