One Main Reason

I Have A Blog.


Today is the anniversary of the loss of  two young lives while

 “in action” approximately 2 hours from Kabul.

Our boys, from our town were there and no one was to know.

It all has been kept secret.

Today a post was put up to commemorate

the loss of two of their comrades.

I can do the math, the distance calculations and

put the story together pretty quickly.

I know my son was there.

No one will talk about it.

There is an unspoken code of silence

between those who were there.

And that is okay.

But, today, finally, we can have a moment of silence and

pray for the families of those young lives..


“Six years ago, we lost two outstanding members of the Mountain Batallion and two beautiful human beings that left an impact on every life they came across. Remembering Tristan Southworth and Steve Deluzio today. Never forgotten.”

~ From a member of the Mountain Batallion.


And we continue to lose 25 per day to suicide.

God Bless the men and women and the families

of those  

who serve,

have served

and gave the ultimate sacrifice.



Kind Regards and praying – K



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