An Old Letter of Youth



I found an old tattered letter,

Tucked away in a box, as I

Sorted thru the depths of my closet.

Oh! such memories it did spark

Of the first true love

I had known.

I chuckled as I read it,

Because I knew

Since then,

How each of us had grown.


It had been a time of discovery,

Silliness, daydreaming and childlike

Youthful innocence.

Once, we had swore that our love

Would last forever ever and ever.

Nothing could possibly tear us apart.

Our parents knew the difference,

But showed support from the very start.



I looked back on those days of yesteryear

Of the dreams we had, that love so pure.

Daydreaming, I allowed myself

Some “what if” moments, had

Life’s circumstances’ allowed for us

To have continued on together.

I wondered where I would be?

And who, what and how

Would I be different on this day?

A little voice inside me, whispered.

It was sure, that my life was better now,

Than any other way.



Startled, from my day dream trance

By the trill of the phone,

I answered, it was my eldest.

At that moment, in my heart and soul

I knew the answer my what if’s

Had been seeking.

The future and our path

God and the universe, help us choose

Is the one that turns out best.



Kind Regards and reminiscing – K


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20 thoughts on “An Old Letter of Youth

    1. Why thank you!! and Good morning! 🙂

      It has been sitting hidden for a week… as I dabbled…
      Youthful memories… warming ones heart….feeling nostalgic…

      Must be the week…or my age?? ha!!

      Awesome heart on that comment of yours…
      Your thoughts are always appreciated and welcomed…

      Kind Regards and grinning mischieviously – K

      Liked by 1 person

    1. oh Bradley!!.. without listening to the snippet….

      One of God’s greatest gifts is unanswered prayers….
      One of my all time favorites!!

      I am truly blessed that you made such a comparison.. actually funny because it is one of the people I think about when I listen to that song… Are you psychic??

      Of course, now that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, siggghhh…. Guess I better turn on Pandora… lol

      Kind Regards and singing John Deere Green – K


    1. Thanks so muchly, Roo!! 😉
      Quite eloquent, you say, might just be some hope for me yet. ha!

      Many hugs and much laughter to you lady!!
      Bradley’s got me dancing,
      E’s got me seeing hearts and somewhere in there I’ve been blushing like a school girl!!

      So glad you stopped in… it’s starting to feel like a old/new reunion!!

      I hope you are enjoying you end of August… Though we all hate to see it go.

      Kind Regards and feeling grateful for all – K


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