Trees-VT to NC B&W photo challenge

For Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge – Trees 🙂

Have you tried it? click the link at the bottom!

“If you look closely at a tree

you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches,

just like our bodies.

What we learn is that beauty

and imperfection go together wonderfully.”

~Matthew Fox

boatlanding with sunshine coming thru in B&W5686_724464359533753423_o



NCM_0003 bg clock in b&w just beyond the trees





copyrighted and compliments of K and L.G.B.


Kind Regards – K




Cee’s Black & White Photo challenge Trees

8 thoughts on “Trees-VT to NC B&W photo challenge

    1. Thank you so much.. that one is actually mine.. taken down by the boat landing just across the Connecticut river from where I live on the VT side… I live on the NH side… Grew up less than 2 miles from there… Cee’s photography challenges are bringing new life to an old past time I thought I had long since forgotten… 🙂 and your comment makes me feel even better about doing it… woo hoo…

      I hope your day is wonderful!!

      Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K


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