Melody Haiku attempt, plus 1

It has been just over 20 something years

since I attempted to write a Haiku.ย 

Critique away, please… “)



Notes create music

Lyrics, life’s experience

Reflectedย by song.





ย Face Your Fears and They disappear

I’m facing those fears

Slaying ferocious monsters

One at a time, Poof!


Kind Regards and thinking 5,7,5 – K


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23 thoughts on “Melody Haiku attempt, plus 1

    1. Thank you for your candid comment. Just what I needed.

      I believe writing is something I will do forever, hopefully continue to improve
      and refine my process as I go. Forever learning.

      Excellent point about the melodies! Love it.

      Have a grand Friday.

      Kind Regards and feeling grateful – K

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