Snausages for Dinna’ (30 sec read)


I don’t know about you,

but when I am not feeling

at my best, the thought of eating

goes right out the window.

Or my appetite goes to the other extreme

and I can’t get enough . (binge eating, is so bad!)



 Eating healthy is extremely important

when battling any type of mental illness.

You cannot just eat junk food. (darn it!)

Keeping up your strength and the ol’ body

running in tip top shape is a must!! 


This simple recipe is one of my favorites.

Makes me feel like I am eating junk food

but it really isn’t too bad for you.

A win win!!








Saute’ some green and/or red peppers & onions

Hot Italian sausages-Cooked on the grill or on the stove top.

Serve in a sandwich bun.

Simple AND yummy!!


K Tip: Put your condiments in the bottom of your roll,

then plunk your sausage & peppers & onions on top.

This little maneuver saves you from major spillage

from overflow! A trick I learned years ago, walking

around the old county fair!! 

Nothing worse than running into someone you know with

a ketchup/mustard  mustache

OR having it run down your shirt!

(Waaaaaaaaahhh! NOT!) 




Now I AM hungry!!

Off I go-


Kind Regards and starving – K



Photos by Little_Sister

Daily post/prompt Sandwich

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