52 Weeks of Thankfulness #4

IMG_5902 (1).jpg

This morning I  received news from home  the temperature  was down to 44 degrees! Yikes!

Here in the south I am spending my time escaping the heat and humidity  by bouncing in and out of  air conditioning. Quite the contrast.

#1 I am thankful  for the time I am spending with my daughter and little granddaughter.

No matter what the weather, 2 1/2 year old Grandma K hugs are the best.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to feel those sweet little arms around my neck with special  just because kisses.





#2  9/11 – I  am thankful that my cousin tends to run late. She was late that day we will NEVER FORGET. Therefore, she was not in the building. Since, no one has ever given her any flack about her tendency to be tardy.

In honor of the 15 year anniversary of that fateful day, I decided  to try an experiment.

I  sat stationary  on the front porch, as the breeze whipped about the American Flag , I took random shots.  Here are some of the results.


9/11 Quotes


Kind Regards and feeling thankful for special moments – K









12 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Thankfulness #4

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. It’s fabulous that you had a chance to spend time with your family. 🙂

      Grandkids help us stay young…. lol

      I think the American flag gained even more meaning after my son served a year in Afghanistan!!

      Kind Regards and feeling beyond thankful and grateful – K

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  1. Beautiful post! All wonderful things to be thankful for. I, too, was able to go 8 hours away and spend an entire week with my daughter, son-in-law, 3 year old grandson and new grandson born on Labor Day. I also have a flag on my front porch I appreciate and thankful for its presence. Life is good. God is great! Thanks for an inspiring post!😃

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  2. I was very glad to hear about your cousins lateness that day. It was a rare piece of good news in amid all the terrible tragedy.

    Incidentally, I don’t have any grandchildren yet, but I’m looking forward to hugs, ice cream and visits to the zoo when they eventually appear. 🙂


    1. Interesting isn’t it that something that is frowned upon can save one’s life…

      Thank you for commenting…As for grandchildren.. they are well worth the wait..

      my mom, adopted neighborhood grandkids and started practicing early just in case!! She figured they needed hugs and to help make AND eat home made cookies too…. lol

      Have a wonderful Saturday!!

      Kind Regards-K

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  3. Exquisite! And dare I say it?! Your photography is as good as your writing :D! Thank you for such thoughtful testimonials from a grateful heart. Makes me want to do this. Bless you, K!


    1. Thank you so much!!

      I am trying to work on my photography once again. It seems it has been so long… lol

      I hope things are going fabulous for you… 🙂

      hugs and many warm thoughts headed your way!!

      Kind Regards – k


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