At twenty-two her mother’s 

Faith filled blue eyes

Had grounded me.

She was my saving grace with

A reminder that her life, was

More precious than my own.

She, a tiny being that within me

A seed planted had been nurtured

When she arrived, oh how brightly

The sun had shown.

And I vowed to be the best mom

A gal could ever be.


When I was twenty-five

He came along and showed my why

Little boys steal their mother’s heart.

His deep brown eyes so trusting

And his little hand that reached out

Had me smitten from the start.

And again I knew

He and his sister were the best things

My heart would forever call it’s own.

And I vowed to be the best mom

A gal could ever be.


Many years have passed

As our lives continued on.

Nothing can prepare one

For playing the parent’s role.

No matter what path they take

The good, scary and possibly

Some brief forgotten moments

That proved I’m truly brave.

Their childhood and mere existence

Continue to let me know

That unique feeling

I am blessed with, the

Best things in life,

As I’ve watched them grow.



As time’s early beginning

Ancestry’s continues on,

Like baseball’s seventh inning.

A grandchild comes along

Your heart which you think is

Already, Oh so full.

Grows itself another love layer,

Held with the mightiest

And tiniest stitches that

Nature has ever sewn.




And to think it all started with

A tiny little girl and boy

My heart will forever call it’s own.

 Kind Regards- G’ma K






















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