Unrecognized great people

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Do you know that there are many great people whose greatness is not recognized by their contemporaries? There are outstanding works that are not recognized by the authorsโ€™ contemporaries; but future generations come along and recognize them.

There are very talented workers who are not valued by the leadership of their establishments until a new leadership is put in place. When a new leadership is put i place, they emerge and shine.

Some of the greatest men and women of the world, by no fault of theirs, die unnoticed. Most saints are declared saints very many years after they are dead and gone.

What do we learn from this?

A big lesson. If you think that what youโ€™ve done is great like a great novel, a great anthology of poems, great drama, or some other great work but the people of your time have not recognized it do not feelโ€ฆ

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